Stamp It & Bin It | Protector for confidential details

11 08 2010

Now there is no need to use the shredder. When it comes to recycling, we all want to do our bit for the environment, but nobody wants to recycle paper containing personal information.

When it arrived at the Pan Gadgets Headquaters, the guys feel like they are secured.

This is a clever little gizmo which will help ‘stamp out’ the threat of identity theft. Protect ID Stamp prints a ‘gobbledygook’ of symbols on top of any personal details, to leave them completely illegible, even when held up to the light, so everyone can happily recycle all your documents without risk.

Every year there are several thousands of individual (maybe millions) who are victims of identity fraud.

Stamp It and Bin It. This is the most effective and simplest way to protect any of your confidential details.


  • Stamp over personal or confidential details with the ‘scrambled’ impression
  • Simply over-stamp personal details with our PROTECT ID stamp and dispose of the waste paper in your normal recycling bin, rather than shredding!
  • Effectively hides any text underneath
  • Uniquely designed stamping plate measures 55 x 20mm.
  • The stamp comes with its own ink pad, which is easily replaced adding to the life of the stamp. Spare pad ref: S-824-7.
  • But best of all, no more shredded paper to dispose of!
  • The water-based ink dries in seconds on paper/card etc. (Not suitable for glossy paper.)

Get your own Protect ID Stamp Click here




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